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AMYGF Amaya Gaming BUY. Legal Online Gambling

August 22, 2014.  Go to “Core Portfolio” for current holdings.  I recently published several posts about ‘going to Vegas’ followed by a suggestion to buy the risky CEFL

Well this time folks, we ARE really going to Vegas.

AMYGF Amaya Gaming is involved in online gaming.  OK let’s be honest:  gambling online.

Does this sound like a risky investment???  Yup it sure is.  If you have a large portfolio and want to take a calculated risk, this is the pick for you.  And it pays NO dividend.  I think you could make a huge profit on this sucker.  I suggest a Sell Stop to limit any potential losses.

Amaya Gaming Group Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, distributes, sells, and services technology-based gaming solutions for the regulated gaming industry worldwide.

Here is some more infor:  How big can online gaming be? Well, in New Jersey, online gaming began on November 26 and generated $8.3 million by year’s end. GamblingData predicts New Jersey’s online gambling market will generate $262 million in gross gambling revenue this year and $463 million by 2017. Third party forecasters tout that the US. is poised to earn gross winnings of over $7.4 billion by 2017, representing around 30% of the global online gaming market. Imagine the incremental benefit to be had in New Jersey and others states when it comes to tax revenues.

There is a huge market for online gamblers and AMYGF should do well….assuming they are an honest outfit…you never know when it comes to gambling.

August 2014.  It looks like we may see a short term pullback in GOV.  This is an excellent position that you can get at a good price.  I would try $23.50

On the political front:  NRSC.com:


Any fair analysis of available polling data reveals Republicans are positioned to win in November. Democratic candidates are trailing in seven states and tied in four others. An additional four states will continue to tighten, meaning that come mid-to-late September, Democrats will be on defense in fourteen or fifteen races. Republicans have better candidates who are running better campaigns, and an analysis of the polls reflects that.

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Monday August 18, 2014.  Go to “Core Portfolio” for current holdings.  On August 7 and 11, I suggested buying and adding to positions.  They were on sale and that is the time to buy.

In fact I am thinking about changing this blog to “Buy Stuff On Sale”.

We are heading higher today and it’s now too late to buy anything.  You want to wait for pullbacks again, and I would NOT be shocked to see another decline before the November elections.  But LONG term, I think we head higher.  Hold all your positions.

Movies:  Boyhood.  John Stewart and the movie promoters were going absolutely berzerk about Boyhood.  We were lead to believe this was the best thing since Gone With The Wind.  (The young readers can Goog it lol)

We waited with anticipation for this flick to make its way out the suburbs.  Well it finally got here…all three boring hours of it.

Do not waste your time and money on this loser.  Boring.  What a snooze-fest.

On the political front, this is too funny.  The liberal press would have you believe the Clintons and Obama love each other.  What a joke.

“But Klein quoted sources from inside the Clinton camp that not only will there be no kiss-and-make-up between the two, more attacks on Obama are yet to come. Clinton is believed to be distancing herself from her old boss and his increasing unpopularity as she prepares for a likely run for the White House in 2016.

In fact, Klein writes, Clinton’s attack was an “opening salvo in an ongoing, comprehensive assault on Obama’s overall mismanagement of the presidency.”

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August 13, 2014

“Trouble started today with AT&T.  I hate AT&T.  It obviously stands for Always Terrible Transmission.”  From Joan Rivers new book Diary of a Mad Diva.  Get it…so funny.  If you get a chance to see Joan in person, don’t miss it.  It will be the funniest comedy show you will ever see.  She is at the Chicago Theatre this Fall.

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Monday August 11, 2014

********Go to “Core Portfolio” for current holdings.**********

On June 20 I suggested you buy YYY…….YieldShares High Income ETF includes 30 closed end funds. The asset mix approximates a 60:40 Equity: Debt mix at 58% Equity, 38% Debt and 4% Currency.

I am ADDING to my position.  YYY has tumbled along with the rest of the market and we can now buy it on sale.  I love buying things on sale!!!

The price right now is $23.69

We had a hiccup in the markets the last two weeks, but I believe that we will continue higher.  At least thru the elections and possibly much longer.

While they keep the interest rates low,

they keep printing truckloads of money,

and Companies keep buying back their stock,  I plan on staying invested and earning the good dividends.

Of course conditions can change quickly.  If things fall apart I will certainly be the first to sell.

Bottom line:  You should be collecting these excellent dividends until we see a major and significant change in the market.


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Thursday August 7, 2014

********Go to “Core Portfolio” for current holdings.**********

 Way back on June 3 I said we were heading to Vegas and buying CEFL an exchange traded note that contains 30 well known closed end funds with some leverage thrown in to get the yield up to 16%.  There are almost 1,000 securities giving you huge diversification.

Since the purchase we have received a huge sixty cent per share dividend, and it has tanked.  lol  But the entire market has declined so I am not terribly concerned.  I think the markets are turning around and we should start going higher.

CEFL is going ex dividend tomorrow and it will probably drop a little.  I suggest you BUY CEFL if you don’t already own it, OR buy more if you have a small position…..it may get down to $26.50 which is support.  The current price is $27.33

As I said this is high risk and you should own small positions.  There was a time that I would have never even considered getting into this type of investment.  But I really like what they are doing, and of course the huge dividend is nice.

http://www.SeekingAlpha.com my favorite financial web site has numerous articles covering this position.

Book Recommendation.  Here is another fun read.  The First Family Detail by Ronald Kessler gives you all the gossip on the first families, provided by Secret Service agents.  What a hoot.  Bill Clinton’s women.  How Hillary is so mean and nasty.  The philandering of prior Presidents.

A final note:  As I have said on numerous occasions, we are in a stock market Bubble.  Do not believe this is going to go on forever.  The markets will eventually fall apart when interest rates start going up and you will want to sell everything.  This could be after the November elections, or even later.  We don’t know right now.  In the meantime you should be fully invested.

Here is a link to a presentation from Arlington Capital Management that is very informative.  They are an excellent financial advisor in Chicago that I have followed….I am NOT a client but they do offer advice on the radio and on the web.



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August 5, 2014

********Go to “Core Portfolio” for current holdings.**********

(Update Tuesday:  Those crazy Russians are in the news and the DOW is down 200 points.  This will probably blow over and at that point you should be looking to buy stuff when it’s on sale….we don’t know when, could be days or weeks.  The good investor waits for situations like this which typically lead to buying opportunities.  In the meantime we have to tolerate the pain in declining values of the Core Portfolio but the dividends keep coming.)

Back on July 19 I told you that the markets were over valued, we had high risk, and you may want to put in some sell stops.

Well guess what.  We took a hit last week.  Investors were afraid that interest rates would be going up.  Everyone and their brother were selling and telling us the end was near.

As I said in July I was holding on.  I sold nothing and I suggest you do the same.

Yes I think we could go lower.  The current momentum is DOWN.  But with the elections upcoming, I think the long term action is UP.  The crooks in Washington continue to lie and tell the American people that everything is great.  Well, it’s not.  The real unemployment rate is terrible probably around 14% and people do not have money to spend.

I suggest you hold on.  Yes we could take more pain but in dividend investing you are still earning income on a consistent basis. Yes you take the occasional hits, but long term everything works out.  Having said that, we ARE in a bubble and as I have said here many many times, this thing will eventually blow up.  But I think that is down the road….at least until after the elections.

I would not buy anything right now….but I am watching several positions in hopes that we get a buying opportunity.

Six in 10 Americans are dissatisfied with the state of the U.S. economy, more than 70 percent believe the country is headed in the wrong direction, and nearly 80 percent are down on the country’s political system, according to the latest NBC News / Wall Street Journal poll.

The frustration carries over to the nation’s political leaders, with President Barack Obama’s overall approval rating hitting a new low at 40 percent, and a mere 14 percent of the public giving Congress a thumbs up.


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July 23, 2014

********Go to “Core Portfolio” for current holdings.**********

When the dollar declines, gold goes up.

And boy oh boy, the dollar has been heading downward.  Have you bought beef recently?  Chicken?  Milk?  ANYTHING????  Your dollars are worth less and less.

Just look at a two year chart for the dollar and you can see what I am talking about.  In my opinion the dollar will continue down.

We have owned GGN in the Core Portfolio for a long time.  It is our only gold play.

GGN holds gold and oil and gas………if you do not own GGN, I suggest you buy a little.  If you already own, start adding.  GGN is currently paying over 10%

Books:  “Tell-all” books about the Clintons and Obama are seemingly coming out every week.  It’s hard to keep up but I am trying to read all of them!!!!  The latest is called Clinton, Inc. by Daniel Harper.  I have just started on this one but I can already recommend you get it.  Altho it appears that Hillary will be the next President, it is becoming evident that her road to the White House might be much more difficult than most people assumed only a month ago.

UPDATE:   GOV crashed due to a secondary offering.  Typically this would rebound and should start moving up.  BUY GOV AT $23.50

Mitt Romney 2014?

Americans are so down on President Obama at the moment that, if they could do the 2012 election all over again, they’d overwhelmingly back the former Massachusetts governor’s bid. That’s just one finding in a brutal CNN poll, released Sunday, which shows Romney topping Obama in a re-election rematch by a whopping nine-point margin, 53 percent to 44 percent. That’s an even larger spread than CNN found in November, when a survey had Romney winning a redo 49 percent to 45 percent.

Two years ago, Obama won re-election with about 51 percent of the vote.

ADD us to your Favorites and visit often!!  Links to useful sites.



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